Welcome to our site!

We are the McMichen’s, my name is Rodney my wife is Denise.

This site is dedicated to our two business’s, which really fold into one business to better serve you and offer you a very unique to our area experience.

We are:

Lost Creek Cafe’


McMichen’s Lost Creek Farm


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McMichen’s Lost Creek Farm is a small farm located in rural Alabama, we have owned our farm since 1995. When we purchased it, we had only pecan trees. Over the years we have added a small Muscadine Vineyard, Blueberry Orchard, Blackberries, and even Raspberries.

Our dream when we arrived was to build our home, raise our children and somehow make this farm pay it’s way.  We have indeed built our home, raised our two children, and even have had the pleasure of having our grandson spend his early growing years here.

As for the farm paying it’s way…..well we are still working on that one.

We grow many vegetables,  Muscadine’s, Blueberries, Blackberries and Pecans.

All the products we grow have gone into our numerous products we have produced.

I  seemed to always have a plan, and about two years ago we were able to start selling many products created right here in our kitchen. Thanks to all the people who praised the products it gave me the push I needed and we were able to take another step. We are opening a cafe’ and country store to offer those same products and much much more for you to eat and enjoy.


Our community severely needed a place to eat, that was clean, unique and most of all has good and “good for you food”, and we have been determined to provide this.

The only way to build a cafe’ in a rural community and make it sustainable was to keep cost as low as possible. The only way I could figure out how to do this was to use the talents that I was blessed with (no not brains, lots of money, or good looks) but carpentry skills and build this myself.

At the end of 2013 pieces fell into place when we purchased the corner lot at county road 41 and county road 10, and began work. It has been very slow process, as I also run a consulting business that takes time away from this construction project, but thankfully it has paid the bills to keep moving forward, and I haven’t ran off most of those customers by being dedicated to this cafe’ project. Most days it was me, my construction dog Jake, our grandson Braden, and of course my wife has also been there as often as she can.

We opened December of 2016. Just now heard about us? Well we have kept this all on the somewhat down-low because my goal has always been to provide a great experience. We knew opening a restaurant in a rural area was going to be a huge challenge anyway , and opening one by people that had never owned a restaurant would be even a bigger challenge. We just want it be right. We have had lots of learning experiences along the way , and every day has a new thing to teach us.

We are cautious about the steps we take to bring you new menu items. We have started off with the basics one would find in any southern rural restaurant. Things like french fries, hamburgers, hot dogs, hamburger steaks, chicken livers, fried green tomatoes, and of course house battered and seasoned chicken tenders. We also have hand battered shrimp, Philly cheese sandwiches, sweet potato fries etc.

We are experimenting with other dishes to see how it sells in the area. If it sells…we keep it if not…we ditch it.

Our focus is quality and consistency. What you see today is not all there will ever be. I am a dreamer (don’t believe me?…well ask yourself what kind of person with a mechanical / machining background opens a restaurant in the middle of nowhere?..A dreamer..that’s who) and have plans for many many more things to come, and not just menu items.

Our menu for instance is at its infancy. My goal has been to provide the common basics for those that like the simple things, while opening up our menu over time to include more items that one can’t just find anywhere, or of a quality one can’t just get at any small dinner.

Our specials are just getting started. Soon we will introduce our premium catfish to our specials line up. Again we are going to focus on quality first. This US farm raised catfish will be cooked in peanut oil, accompanied by house made hush-puppies, and house made tartar sauce (special recipe).

We hope so see you here at the cafe’