Lost Creek Cafe’ takes it name of our community prior to its name change to Ranburne. Lost Creek was named after a small Creek Indian child that had gotten lost, and people referred to this location by that event, and the name sort of stuck. This was Native American country and home to the Creek Indians. We wanted to remember the Creek that once lived and thrived in this area.

We have had a long journey to get here to where we are. This has been a project that I took on to fulfill a dream of mine, and fill the need of a community. I was asked by a successful business man if I had done my homework on this project before I started because a good business plan would tell me if this was a money maker, and my only answer was “no because when I started my business plan, the numbers didn’t add up, so I decided to do it anyway.”

Starting a cafe’ from scratch is expensive, and a daunting task to say the least. When the budget it tight it means that every aspect of the process has to be learned as we go. All the rules and regulations, are not easy to find or follow. Sure if I had won the lotto, I could have hired the best to come and put this thing together in a few months and boom we would be eating. But this is me and we are doing this as fast and inexpensive I can, while also paying close attention to quality and to provide a great place to come enjoy your food.

Now all I need is you, and your support to make this thing pay for itself.

We are going to make mistakes in this adventure and we are going to need some understanding that this is a new business. We want to stress however that it is only our intention to serve a good product that meets or exceeds your expectations. We want variety of food and will listen to the majority of customers with what they want. We will never stop striving to treat you like our family ( not the yelling about putting your shoes in the doorway part,  but the loving caring part). We want your feedback, we want your opinions, we need to hear from you.

Lost Creek Cafe’, where customer appreciation will never be lost.